Almost 30 years of collaboration with architects, interior and lighting designers to provide stunning lighting solutions in the spaces they design. This extensive experience combined with the talent of our craftspeople enables us to introduce innovative propositions that fully integrates into the design intent of each project. Room dividers, signalling, handrails,…we consider all enquiries and deliver unique luminous fixtures in all projects we are entrusted with. 

Miroir-Soleil - Hotel-Nuage- Paris - ART ET FLORITUDE
Miroir Poissons Nikki Bisiker Dubai ART ET FLORITUDE
Miroir métal et porcelaine ART ET FLORITUDE
Miroir Annabel's London ART ET FLORITUDE
Claustra Vigne Le Burdigala Paris ART ET FLORITUDE
Claustra Feuilles de Laurier ART ET FLORITUDE
Claustra Double Galet ART ET FLORITUDE
Claustra Double Galet Roomers Kiev ART ET FLORITUDE