EquipHotel – The Bar Area – Design Lighting

2 December 2020

Maison Numéro 20 imagined the Bar for EquipHotel. An experimental and truly inspiring room between mixology, café society and the Shanghai of the 30s. The overall space reminds us of the Far East, a psychotropic and mysterious garden, filed with sophistication and delicateness.

To create those outstanding sconces, Oscar Lucien Ono, interior designer and founder of Maison Numéro 20, came to Art et Floritude. Altogether and through a real team work we made this original creation, emblematic of this unique oriental atmosphere in the EquipHotel Bar.












This fixture is not our only contribution in this refined space. We also created the visuals of this unique floor lamp, graphical and vegetal at the same time.

Thousand thanks to Oscar for his trust, and for allowing us to experiment, to create, and to enjoy the process through those stunning designs!