We bring to life the enchanting world of luminous sculptures that gracefully take the form of arches or columns. Our exquisite lighting creations are the perfect addition to various interior projects, whether it be in private apartments, hotels, restaurants, and beyond. At Art et Floritude, we take immense pride in crafting these bespoke sculptures with meticulous attention to detail, using a variety of metal leaves that can be tailored to your preference. Choose from an array of leaf types to suit your vision, and if desired, we can even incorporate delicate porcelain flowers to enhance the beauty of the design.

Our versatile lighting fixtures are open to endless possibilities, ensuring that each realization is a unique and tailored masterpiece. Collaborating closely with architects and interior decorators, we embrace the opportunity to bring your imaginative lighting ideas to life. Whether you envision a striking display of leaves or wish to explore alternative artistic elements, we are committed to transforming your vision into reality. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Art et Floritude's luminous sculptures and discover how light, nature, and artistic expression seamlessly intertwine to create an ambiance of unmatched beauty and serenity. Elevate your interior projects with our enchanting bespoke sculptures, 100% made in France. Browse our gallery of past creations, get inspired by the boundless possibilities, and let your imagination soar as we embark on this creative journey together. At Art et Floritude, we embrace the challenge of turning visions into captivating realities and invite you to explore the magic of our luminous sculptures. Let your imagination run wild, and let us transform your dreams into a lighting masterpiece that will leave an everlasting mark on the world of art and design.

KCA International, Biltmore Mayfair Hotel London - Designed to match the shapes of your interiors, KCA Interational has come up with a bespoke arch from the Makassar collection by Art et Floritude, a mix of different types of foliage perfect for this London hotel. A unique light sculpture, inspired by nature!

Arche Calisson - A unique luminaire that adapts perfectly to all types of space.

Private apartment, Arche Calisson - Custom-made light sculpture in metal.

Arche Makassar - Nature-inspired lighting for your interiors.

Arche Calisson - Top-of-the-range, bespoke decorative lighting.