The very essence of Art et Floritude’s know-how. Two metal elements framing a light source whose temperature can be changed for each project by the decorator or the lighting designer.

Indirect lighting, bespoke hand patinas and utmost adaptability: a singular and always successful approach that our atelier maintains over time for the benefit of architects and interior designers. Rounded shapes, crafted from high-quality metal, along with the wide selection of finishes, dimensions, and light source options, make this model from Art et Floritude an exceptional lamp choice for various interior design projects. The versatility and customization options allow interior designers and customers to create truly unique and special lighting solutions that perfectly suit their individual needs and preferences.

Kee Club Shanghai - A luminous sculpture hand-covered in gold leaf by our craftsmen!

Avira - A unique wall light with an infinite range of finishes to suit your project!

Avira broderie - Bespoke light made entirely of hand-worked metal.

Avira Pixel - For this version of the Avira wall lamp, the craftsmen at Art et Floritude have worked the metal in a unique way to create playful, indirect lighting.

Alberto Pinto, Dinamo Hotel Baku, Azerbaijan - For this unique project, the Avira model was revisited in several oversized suspended luminaires that provide unique lighting through Pixel cut-outs.