We have a passion for combining different materials to create truly exceptional light fixtures and custom sculptures.

With our vast porcelain and metal collections, you have the opportunity to curate a custom light fixture that is uniquely yours. Choose from a wide array of our metal finishes to set the tone for your creation. Next, explore our exquisite porcelain collection, featuring an array of flowers, petals, and other captivating shapes. These porcelain elements can be delicately integrated into the metal part of your chosen light fixture, adding a touch of charm and artistry. Whether you envision a pendant light, chandelier, wall sconce, or any other type of luminaire, our skilled artisans will carefully combine the materials, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive design that complements your interior space.

Made-to-measure artistic lighting with porcelain foliage and flowers made in France.

Boutique Printemps, Deauville - For this magnificent project, our craftsmen created this majestic work of art by hand, made up of metal branches and various porcelain flowers.

An exceptional creation in metal inspired by the shapes and fruits of an olive tree.

Kasha Paris, Parisian flat - For this project, a mix of handmade porcelain flowers and foliage follow the shapes of the room to create this unique light sculpture.

Top-of-the-range luminaires that can be customised with a wide range of finishes.

Luxurious light sculpture made entirely to measure by hand by our craftsmen.

French designer lighting perfect for your interior design projects.

Unique handmade lighting inspired by nature and art.