Brume collection for lighting sculptures, designed by the talented architect Jean-Philippe Nuel. This collection pays a tribute to the mesmerizing beauty of natural phenomena, drawing inspiration from the graceful dance of waves, the gentle caress of the wind, and the alluring curves found in nature.

From captivating wall panels that evoke the gentle undulations of water to ceiling or wall lamps that cast a soft and enchanting glow, Brume brings the tranquility of nature to the interiors. The motif also finds its way into frames for mirrors, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to functional elements in the space. Each mirror becomes a work of art, reflecting the seamless blending of nature and design.

Made-to-measure French-style lighting.

Customisable Brume wall lamp.

Contemporary French lighting made entirely by hand in France.

Art et Floritude is a company of exceptional French craftsmen who create bespoke lighting.

Exceptional pendant lamps with indirect lighting for a warm ambience.

Unique artistic ceiling light made in our Briare workshop.

Contemporary French suspension lamp with chic, sophisticated lighting.

Unique wall light, hand-patinated by our craftsmen in France.