The inspiration for this bespoke light screen came from the desire to create a space-dividing solution that was both luxurious and functional. At Art et Floritude, we take pride in crafting these unique decorative partitions that serve as stunning room dividers, combining elegance with functionality. Each creation is meticulously tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your interior space.

The possibilities are limitless with our custom screens. We offer custom sizes and finishes meeting your taste and design vision. Our team of skilled artisans in our Briare workshop meticulously apply hand-gilded patinas, adding a touch of opulence and uniqueness to every piece. A true testament to style and sophistication, our lighting partitions feature LED sources ingeniously concealed within large metal river stones, casting a soft and enchanting glow that emanates from within. This design element infuses your space with a warm and welcoming ambiance, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in any interior project. Through our dedication to innovation, we have reimagined one of Art et Floritude's classic designs, giving it a contemporary twist and an elegant appeal. Our collaborative approach with architects and interior decorators ensures that each light realization perfectly complements the overall design theme and reflects your creative aspirations. Experience the seamless blend of diferent materials, refined craftsmanship, and integrated lighting, all harmoniously combined to create an unforgettable statement piece for your living spaces.

Morpheus London, residential project Spain, Double Galet Claustra - The copper sheet, hand-laid in our workshop in Briare, and the LED sources hidden between the Galet, won over the London team. By changing the proportions and finishes, we revisited a classic Art et Floritude house for them to create a chic, design-led luminous claustra.

Claustra Double Galet - Made-to-measure lighting created by hand in our workshop in France!

Roomers Interior, showroom Kiev, Claustra Double Galet - For this made-to-measure claustra, different finishes have been chosen to perfectly match the ambience of this showroom!

Claustra Double Galet - A unique luminous creation.