Our handcrafted metal foliage slatted screens with integrated LED lighting, a harmonious blend of sophistication and practicality for any space.

Transform your surroundings with these exquisite bespoke leaf screens, thoughtfully designed to offer privacy while allowing natural light to flow effortlessly. The integrated LED lighting within the sculpture and foliage adds a captivating effect, enhancing the ambiance of your environment. Every aspect of our lighting decorative partitions is customizable to suit the requirements of your interior project. From finishes to dimensions and lighting sources, we adjust every detail to ensure a seamless integration with your design vision.

To adapt to the space, to understand the requirements of the brand and to respect the architectural constraints: all these dimensions are essential in Art et Floritude’s manufacture of bespoke lights.

Claustra Makassar - Tailor-made lighting design inspired by art and nature.

Studio Emmanuelle Gain, private Parisian apartment - This custom-made light screen was designed by the artisans at Art et Floritude to elegantly separate spaces without enclosing them. For this project, Studio Emmanuelle Gain opted for a mix of laurel and olive leaves!

Oscar Lucien Ono, Hotel Burdigala Bordeaux, Claustra Vigne - The 4-star hotel commissioned the Parisian agency Maison Numéro 20 to highlight the Art de Vivre de l'Épicurien in the heart of Bordeaux. Art et Floritude came up with this luminous claustra, inspired by the vineyards of Bordeaux, to structure the space and contribute to the warm, delicate lighting ambience needed in the hotel's restaurant.

Claustra Vigne - Illuminated metal sculpture for a bright, decorative separation of spaces.

Made-to-measure vegetal screen