Marco Polo baptised it ‘’porcelana’’. The chinese ceramic, born during the Tang dynasty (7th-8th AD) and for the most part produced in Jingdezhen, mesmerised early traders and all European marketplaces as soon as Vasco De Gama opened the Silk Road.

French porcelain then began its ascent, from the 18th century, with degrees of virtuosity still praised by the entire world nowadays. Glazed or unglazed, porcelain or ceramic have found a home in the most somptuous interior schemes for more than three hundred years. Art et Floritude continue this long-standing and unique know-how through the creation of handmade porcelain and ceramic flowers of exceptional finesse, as well as sculptures composed exclusively of porcelain petals. The light created by these sculptures magnifies this ancestral skill with its soft and contemporary shapes.

Today, Art et Floritude perpetuates this unique expertise by hand-creating exceptionally delicate porcelain or biscuit flowers, as well as offering bespoke light sculptures made exclusively from porcelain petals. The light created by these luminous sculptures brings this ancestral know-how to life with soft, contemporary shapes.

Porcelain sculpture entirely handmade by our craftsmen.

Spa Ritz, Paris - Art et Floritude has made several porcelain flowers, all unique and handmade to enhance this ceiling.

Exceptional French craftsmanship in our workshop in Briare.

Bespoke designs for your interior decoration projects.

Porcelain is a meticulous craft, requiring a great deal of precision and attention to detail - a real talent for our craftsmen!

Each flower created by our talented craftsmen is unique and bespoke for each project.

A unique display of porcelain flowers for this interior.