Completed with Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet (MHNA Studio) for the Constance Belle Mare hotel in Mauritius, this project pushed us further into the making of large scale sculptures. Thousands of metal pieces twist and turn upon themselves like a shoal of fish that would have just swum out from the nearby ocean.

The suspended fixture is reflected into the internal pond that produces an eternal show. The indirect lighting brings life into this sculpture that seems to be floating in the centre of this structure typical of Mauritius architecture. The impressive dimensions in the Art et Floritude atelier (4 meters in diameter et 1 meter in height) fully make sense in the context of the huge hotel lobby. This sculpture was conceived with multpile modules adapted for the travel from the Loire Valley to the mauritius island. They were assembled on site according to Art et Floritude’s meticulously prepared instructions. The making of huge fixtures, integrating all challenges inherent to transport, installation and maintenance is one of the many know-hows of Art et Floritude

This sculpture was designed in the form of modules sized to travel from the Loiret to Mauritius. It was assembled on site according to a procedure prepared by Art et Floritude. One of Art et Floritude's key areas of expertise is making it possible to create large-scale light fixtures, while taking into account the constraints of transport, installation and maintenance, so that you'll always be amazed!