In this 5* hotel La Bastide de Gordes located in the Luberon region, interior designer Christophe Tollemer imagined a decor that promoted the original charm of this ancient manor house.

The restaurant L’Orangerie is the perfect home for Art et Floritude’s custom chandeliers with foliage chiseled by hand and glazed porcelain work entirely made by our ceramic artist in our workshop. Elegant shades soften the emission of light in the room and the chandeliers add charm to the place. The know-how of Art et Floritude’s workshop is often called upon in these luxury hotel schemes, where handmade and bespoke work finds the perfect home.

The expertise of the Art et Floritude studio is regularly invited to participate in luxury hotel projects, where handmade and made-to-measure products have their rightful place.

Classic chandelier inspired by nature and art