18th century chandeliers made of metal leaves and porcelain flowers occupy a prominent position in Art et Floritude’s heritage.

For this contemporary creation called Borneo, Art et Floritude came up with the concept of a classic piece overgrown by tropical vegetation. The traditional candles are replaced with LED lighting sources concealed by the dense foliage. Typical porcelain roses left the room to 200 tropical porcelain flowers: hibiscus, tuberose, poppy, lotus, arum and others joined the collection of flowers proposed by Art et Floritude.

To complete this lighting painting, beetles and a praying mantis in gold-gilded porcelain form part of this playful jungle. A handmade marvel that paves the way for the modernisation of the 18th century!

A magnificent classic candlestick made entirely by hand by our craftsmen in France.

Exceptional custom-made lighting for this interior design project.