The Melo collection introduces new geometric shapes and patterns opening the door to new creative possibilities. This collection is designed to cater to the imagination of interior designers, offering a diverse array of lighting options for various applications. From wall and ceiling lights to sconces, pendant lights, and even modern chandeliers, the Melo collection allows designers to envision unique lighting concepts for each interior scheme.

Art et Floritude takes pride in creating bespoke lights that are fully customizable, ensuring that each lighting sculpture is a one-of-a-kind creation tailored to the specific requirements of the project. The hand patinas further enable personalization, offering a palette of colors that can be uniquely selected to harmonize with the project's theme and style. The Melo collection stands apart with its ability to combine a wide range of materials, from wood veneer and natural stone to porcelain and, of course, metal. This diverse mix of materials creates an exciting juxtaposition, elevating the visual appeal of each luminaire and adding a touch of uniqueness to every design.

Navire Le Symphonie - For this unique project, Art et Floritude created a large wall light that echoed the design of the staircase banister while illuminating it in an elegant way.

Mélo ceiling light - A luminous creation offering direct and indirect lighting thanks to integrated spotlights and LEDs for warm, sophisticated lighting.

For this unique light sculpture, the Mélo model has been revisited in an openwork version, perfect for chic, refined lighting.

Exceptional, customisable lighting.

Geometric metal light sculpture for your interior design projects.

Ekle Monaco, private flat - Top-of-the-range luminous creation composed of geometric shapes that perfectly match the forms of this staircase.

A real light sculpture, handmade in our Briare workshop.

Exclusive lighting for decoration projects.

Decorative light for all your projects, thanks to hand-made patinas to match your interior colour palette.

A unique wall light for your interior projects.

Customised contemporary lighting to suit your project.