At Art et Floritude, we take pride in collaborating with architects and interior decorators to bring their design ideas to life by crafting custom mirror frames that perfectly complement interior spaces. Our artisanal mirrors are meticulously made by hand in the heart of France, reflecting the essence of traditional craftsmanship and artistic expression. Each mirror frame is a unique and bespoke creation, tailored to the specific vision and requirements of the interior space it adorns.

Our bespoke mirrors are a versatile addition to various interior projects, be it in private flats, hotels, restaurants, or any other commercial space. With a focus on creativity and innovation, we offer a diverse range of collections, including foliage, pastilles, galets, and even fish-inspired designs. However, our commitment to customization knows no bounds, and we can bring to life any design sketched by the interior designer. Flexibility is the hallmark of our craftsmanship. We offer decorative mirrors in various dimensions and finishes, allowing seamless integration into any interior setting. Whether you seek a modern, rustic, or eclectic aesthetic, we adapt our sculpture's designs to match your unique vision. For those who want to create a stunning focal point, we offer the option of incorporating light into the mirror frame. The interaction of light and metal creates a mesmerizing illuminated mirror that will become a strong design element of the room.

Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, Villa Dubai, Miroir Poissons - For this project, the architects at Nikki Bisiker Interior Design imagined a mirror adorned with a luxurious school of fish. Designed to perfectly match the atmosphere of the interior, the finishes of this bespoke light sculpture were carefully chosen.

Custom lighting design for interior decoration.

Luminaires tendances pour la maison inspiré par l'art et la nature.