The association of technology with raw materials is the challenge that Art et Floritude and French designer Christine Gourmot took up for these sconces.

Obsidian, semi-precious volcanic stone is at the very heart of this collection. These stones present natural veins revealed by the indirect lighting source. Volumes and the natural tones of stones (from light ambre to the deepest black) are affixed to flat metal discs whose finishes are endless. The shape of the Poppy wall art allude to blossoming branches, one of Art et Floritude’s emblematic patters. These wall lights are envisaged as lighting modules enabling the creation of a mysterious and poetic lighting sculpture. The lighting jewels are customisable endlessly to propose unique wall decors.

The shape of the Poppy wall lights evokes flowering branches, an emblematic motif at Art et Floritude. The sconces are designed as light modules, creating a mysterious, poetic sculpture of light. These luminous jewels can be adapted to create unique wall decors. Photos Philippe Charlot.

Lighting sculpture handmade by our craftsman and women.

Roomers Interiors, Private apartment, Kiev, Ukraine - Bespoke lighting for this unique project.

Exclusive luminaires for decoration projects.