Vincent Darre’s enthusiasm was impossible to resist when he offered us to work together on an exceptional piece for his Renaissance collection, which turned to be a technical and very enjoyable challenge for Art et Floritude’s atelier.

Exerting their craft with the utmost virtuosity, Art et Floritude’s artistans are regarded by Vincent Darre as the memory of decorative arts while naturally following contemporary influences. A return to the handmade is the core concept of La Maison Vincent Darre at13 rue Royale, Paris. This Renaissance collection is a tribute to the baroque and its mythological inspirations.

‘’The Orphee wall light, its arabesque appearance where metal twirls like a parchment to unveil an illuminated face reflected into a silver egg. The sconce is lit such as an idea blossoming out of the grotesque. A mask over the time that passes by, fixed to a steel wire, in a metal sphere rythming the beats of this metaphysical heart’’

Luminaires for interior designers.