Another project that epitomises Art et Floritude’s expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke lights. This collection has been carefully curated to cater to the diverse demands of various construction projects, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every detail.

At Art et Floritude, we understand that every interior space is unique, deserving of a lighting solution that complements the interior designer's vision and concepts. Our custom-made lights in the Parenthese collection are thoughtfully tailored to bring your design ideas to life, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive ambiance within any space. Art et Floritude's artistic mastery translates into the use of large sheets of metal, skilfully folded and adorned with a delicate pink copper leaf or other hand-crafted patina of your choice. This captivating shape is not only limited to the overall design but also extends to the smallest details, such as the bed head sconces, where the play of metal and gilding creates a sense of refined elegance and continuity. The wall and ceiling fixtures take center stage as oversized lighting sculptures, merging art and lighting seamlessly. These fixtures are not just functional but also serve as statement pieces, adding a touch of grandeur and sophistication to the space.

Novotel hotel in Beaune, France. T H E R M E D interiors - This project is emblematic of Art et Floritude's expertise in designing bespoke lighting for the hotel industry. This collection is called Parenthèse and can be adapted to suit your architectural constraints.