The exquisite Pastilles collection, a stunning mix of l round metal disks. This versatile collection opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing the realization of various types of lighting fixtures to suit different interior projects.

In the Pastilles collection, shapes, finishes, and sizes are entirely at the discretion of the designers. This freedom allows for endless creativity and fully customizability, ensuring that each luminaire becomes a unique and distinctive expression of the designer's creativity. The collection caters to a wide range of lighting types, from pendant lights to wall sconces, flush mount ceiling fixtures, and even chandeliers. Each luminaire becomes a statement piece, transforming spaces with their enchanting presence and captivating illumination. The Pastilles collection can combine a variety of materials, from wood veneers and natural stone to porcelain and, of course, metal. This variety of materials allows you to create exciting luminaires, enhancing the visual appeal of each luminaire and adding a touch of uniqueness to any interior.

Divanis Palace Acropolis Hotel, Athens - For this unique project, our craftsmen created a bespoke light sculpture using stone leaf to create a wall light over two metres wide, while respecting the weight constraints.

Hôtel Burgundy, Paris - Unique lampshade made from the Pastille d'Art and Floritude collection.

La Maison D'Uzès - Bespoke hanging lamp, entirely hand-crafted by our artisans.

Oleg Klodt Architecture&Design, residential project - A custom-made light wall sculpture that perfectly matches the atmosphere of this interior.

Exclusive lighting for decoration projects.

Hilton 5, Suite effervescence - For this suite, the artisans at d'Art et Floritude have created a number of artistic, made-to-measure light fittings to match.

Metal light sculpture in the shape of Pastilles.

ADN Agenceur Decorateur Nicola, Chez Christian tearoom in Strasbourg - The indirect lighting of these made-to-measure ceiling lights diffuses a soft light and creates a subtle play of light and shadow on the ceiling.

Agence Annabelle Fesquet, Hôtel Les Bulles de Mer, Saint-Cyprien - Bespoke contemporary lighting.

Bright On Presidio, residential project, Canada - An accumulation of backlit Pastilles was used to decorate the ceiling of this magnificent bathroom.

Boutique Cartier - For this unique suspension, our workshop has revisited the Pastille collection in the form of a shower of pastilles forming this magnificent bespoke golden suspension.

Studio Collins Weir, residential project, San Francisco - The finishes, in keeping with the colour palette of this bedroom, have been specially chosen for this top-of-the-range light fitting.

Hôtel Burgundy, Paris - Bespoke ceiling light, hand-patinated by our craftsmen in France.

Quality made-to-measure lighting from the Pastilles collection.

Studio Catoir, Germany - This light sculpture was custom-made to match the colours of the wallpaper perfectly.