The captivating tale of Art et Floritude's history begins with the magnificent chandeliers adorned with delicate porcelain foliage and flowers. This exquisite decorative style was introduced to France in the 18th century by Marie Leczinska, the princess of Poland and wife of Louis XV.

The artisans of Art et Floritude perfect the art of shaping metal, hammering delicate leaves, assembling them into bouquets, and meticulously applying patinas one by one. Every step of the process is painstakingly carried out by hand, almost devoid of machinery, using only a few tubes and metal plates. The result is an exquisite symphony of craftsmanship, where every chandelier becomes a masterpiece, a testament to the dedication and artistry of our artisans. With passion and skill, they breathe life into metal, transforming it into a delicate dance of nature-inspired beauty.

A unique classic chandelier handmade by our craftsmen and inspired by 18th-century chandeliers.

An exceptional made-to-measure chandelier inspired by art and nature.

Bespoke lighting made from a mix of porcelain foliage and flowers assembled by our craftsmen.

Collector lighting made in France.

Antique chandelier embodying years of craftsmanship.

Classic, customisable wall lights inspired by nature.

Classic light made entirely by hand in France with porcelain flowers.