The Galets Collection is a radiant masterpiece, inspired by the captivating journey, a delightful union of artistry, vibrancy, and sophistication for your interior design projects.

At the heart of our Galets Collection lies the spirit of customization. With meticulous attention to detail, we offer a range of finishes, ensuring that each luminous sculpture harmonizes seamlessly with your unique interior projects. Our bespoke lighting fixtures not only serve as captivating decorative elements but also provide an additional source of light. Our creations are designed to immediately capture attention and elevate the ambiance of any space. Enliven your creative endeavours with our expertly crafted metal light screens, thoughtfully designed to enchant and invigorate. Characterized by its bespoke design and various finishes, each luminous sculpture is thoughtfully customized for interior projects.

Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco, Lobby à Monaco - Bespoke ceiling light in gold and white finishes to match the interior of this lobby.

Hand-crafted, made-to-measure lighting with multiple finishes.

Hotel Elkonin Tel Aviv - Bespoke illuminated wall sculpture created by our craftsmen.

Tp Bennett, London offices - Custom-made wall light for this project, perfectly matching the dimensions and colours of the interior.

Bespoke illuminated claustra from the Double Galet collection by Art et Floritude.

Villa Reale Bordeaux - Unique lighting creation made in France.

Handcrafted wall light for your interior design projects.

Art et Floritude is a French manufacturer of bespoke lighting for interior design projects.

Federica Palacios Design, residential project, London - Unique Double Galet suspension lamp, gold and black finishes.

An exceptional light sculpture that perfectly matches the shapes of this interior.

Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, Villa Dubai - For this magnificent project, the artisans at Art et Floritude created luminous pendant lights from our Double Galet collection.

Top-of-the-range lighting with a patina hand-polished by our craftsmen.

Vicking Orion ship - For this project on the water, Art et Floritude created a unique and exceptional lighting sculpture.

Perfectly suited to different interior layouts, this contemporary light is made to measure.

Unique high-end lighting with a mix of Galets and butterflies and indirect light.

French interior lighting with an infinite choice of made-to-measure finishes.

An exceptional made-to-measure ceiling light.

Tp Bennett, offices in London - For this unique project, the architects at Tp Bennett opted for a mix of shapes to create a giant made-to-measure ceiling light.

Handcrafted lighting made in France for your interior design projects.

Ceiling light made from unique giant pebbles, bespoke made for these London offices.

Contemporary geometric light sculpture with multiple finishes.

Jeanne Vieillecroze, residential project - Custom-built luminaire to fit the shape of this interior perfectly.

Dorga David Burles, Villa Côte d'Azur - Trendy lighting for the home, handmade by our craftsmen.

Pauline Souques Drugeon, Paris flat - A mix of bespoke patinas for this light sculpture.

Sophie Paterson Interiors, residential project - Made-to-measure geometric lighting using our iconic Galets.

Artistic, bespoke lighting that perfectly matches the colour palette of this interior.

Laurent Minatchy, Intercontinental Paris, Champs-Elysées Etoile - A unique mix of shapes for a sumptuous light sculpture.