Saturn epitomises Art et Floritude’s expert skills when it comes to create wall lighting sculptures. Thousands of small elements are assembled by hand and brushed up to bring this mysterious backlit spiral to life.

The heart of the spiral is gilded with gold or copper fleaf, and the gold particles vanish as the eye moves further away from the centre. Entirely handmade by Art et Floritude’s artisans, the patinated finishes convey an element of preciousness and uniqueness. The Saturn lighting sculpture can be customised in many sizes and finishes.

Unique light sculpture handmade in France in the Art et Floritude workshop.

Tailor-made lighting for your interior projects.

Trendy, handmade lighting for the home.

Tailor-made architectural lighting for all your interiors.

Contemporary French lighting for your interior design projects.

High-quality custom lighting.

A top-of-the-range metal light sculpture to light up your interiors.

Made-to-measure French designer lighting with an infinite choice of finishes.