Our exquisite bespoke lighting collection: Shoal of fish. This unique masterpiece combines the grace and fluidity of aquatic life with the precision of metal craftsmanship, resulting in a captivating and customizable lighting experience. Each Shoal of fish light creation is meticulously handcrafted to meet specific preferences of projects. From the finishes to the size, every detail can be tailored to suit your individual aesthetic vision.

Not limited to traditional lighting fixtures, our bespoke lighting sculpture can transcend boundaries and be transformed into various forms. Imagine it adorning your wall as a stunning ceiling light, creating an ethereal glow that casts mesmerizing shadows. It can also be presented as a mirror frame, adding a touch of aquatic charm. The possibilities are endless and are limited only by the imagination of the interior designer. One of the exceptional qualities of our interior lighting is its versatility. The Art et Floritude lighting sculptures is not confined to dry areas alone but can also be utilized in wet environments, effortlessly combining beauty with functionality. Whether you wish to enhance a luxurious bathroom or add a touch of elegance to a swimming pool space, our lighting creations can withstand the challenges of moisture while exuding its inherent allure.

Tailor-made light sculpture inspired by nature.

Residential project - Custom-built illuminated fish bank made in France.

Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, Villa Dubai - For this unique project, a school of coloured fish was created to embellish this mirror.

Exceptional top-of-the-range lighting.