For the Dinamo Hotel in Baku, Azerbaïjan, member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, interior designer Albert Pinto appointed us for the conception of several bespoke lighting fixtures.

In the lobby, a combination of light rings evokes the olympic rings and echo the sporting history of the building. The restaurant is lit by an immense glass roof that demanded the creation of luminous spots to animate this horizon of glass once dusk has setled. Art et Floritude put forward an oversized version of the emblematic Avira wall light to create these modules positiong along the internal metal framework, both pointing down towards the tables beneath and up towards this glass roof so as to be seen from the bedrooms above.

These ceiling fixtures have also been used in diametres going up to 1 meter and in combinations of finishes that include gold leaf, silver leaf and the palette of tones favoured by the designer. Ultra thin LED modules provide a powerful and playful lighting through the pixelated cut-outs.