In this remarkable project, where a vast glass roof graces the space, Art et Floritude's ingenuity shone through in providing a stunning lighting solution that would fulfill the area without adding unnecessary clutter.

Introducing an oversized version of our iconic Avira wall light, we created pendant light modules strategically positioned along the internal metal framework. These modules were designed to cast light both downwards, illuminating the tables beneath, and upwards, accentuating the grandeur of the glass roof, creating a mesmerizing sight for guests staying in the hotel bedrooms above the restaurant area. The adaptability of these pendant lights makes them an ideal lighting choice for any interior project, seamlessly fitting into the design and fulfilling functional requirements. By offering variations in diameters, they cater to spaces of different scales, ensuring that the lighting harmoniously integrates with the overall aesthetic. These pendant ceiling fixtures are a testament to Art et Floritude's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. They allow designers to explore various finishes, adapting the lighting palette to suit the designer's artistic vision and style.

Dinamo Hotel in Baku, Azerbaïjan. Interior designer Albert Pinto

Bespoke pendant light Avira