Magnificent vegetal sculpture, our tree forms part to Art et Floritude’s collection of impressive light creations. Bespoke handmade sculpture, the Tree of Light, is a remarkable piece of art designed to enhance any interior space. Combining golden metallic foliage and a natural wood trunk, our bespoke sculptures, this unique creation effortlessly combines rustic charm with a touch of luxury.

The Tree of Light features LED-lit branches adorned with stunning golden foliage, creating an enchanting ambiance that captivates the beholder. Each tree boasts a real trunk, meticulously revived by the skilled hands of nine artisans who carefully crafted the branches, chiseled and assembled each individual leaf, and patinated the metal in gold. The addition of LED lights further enhances the design, casting an enchanting glow reminiscent of sunlight streaming through the foliage. The captivating play of shadows on the walls adds an extra touch of magic to any room. With our custom-made lighting options, you have the freedom to choose between a subtle spotlight or a more direct illumination, allowing you to personalize the atmosphere in your space. The warm and welcoming glow emitted by the Tree of Light adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, making it a truly remarkable centerpiece for your interior decoration. Over the past few years, our exquisite tree sculptures have been featured in a multitude of breathtaking projects. Collaborating with talented architects and imaginative decorators, we have brought to life a diverse range of artistic visions using our meticulously crafted trees and branches. Endless source of inspiration, the vegetal world is Art et Floritude’s favourite playground.

Laurent Minatchy, Intercontinental Champs Elysée, Paris - Entirely handmade, this luminous tree was tailor-made for this Paris hotel.

Printemps shop, Paris - A veritable sculpture of light, this tree was custom-made for the Printemps shop.

Exclusive lighting for interior design projects.

Tailor-made artistic lighting inspired by nature.

A unique light sculpture inspired by oak leaves.

Metal lighting creation inspired by olive trees. Handmade from metal and porcelain flowers, this unique light is inspired by nature and vegetation.

Nicolas Thermed, Novotel Suresnes - For this unique project, the artisans at Art et Floritude created a bespoke illuminated tree that appears through a table to reveal its magnificent hand-patinated golden leaves.

Exceptional top-of-the-range lighting, handmade in France.

Boutique Printemps, Deauville - Made-to-measure 7-metre suspension lamp in metal and porcelain flowers.