Tribu is an exquisite collection of luminous sculptures designed by Alienor Béchu for Art et Floritude. This collection embodies a powerful concept in interior architecture, where shadows and lights intertwine to create a mesmerizing dance of form and illumination.

A tribute to both man and woman, these bespoke sculptures serve as a conduit to reveal their souls, accentuated by the light that gently bathes them. This interplay of light and shadow creates a captivating link between the rich cultures of Africa and Europe, uniting them in a harmonious celebration of art and humanity. In the world of Art et Floritude, the possibilities are endless as we bring artistic vision to life through a diverse array of sculptures and ligting fixtures. Tribu collection offers a wide range of options, including floor sculptures with the enchanting allure of lights, floor or wall sculptures without illumination, captivating wall lights, and custom decorative panels that redefine interior spaces.

Aliénor Béchu, restaurant "Les Ombres" Paris, Tribu collection - Manufactured in the Art et Floritude workshop in Briare, this top-of-the-range light has been tailor-made to perfectly match the atmosphere of this restaurant. From the choice of patinas to the lighting, every detail has been taken into account for this unique creation!

Private apartment, Tribu - Unique interior lighting design.

Private apartment, Tribu - Artistic bespoke lighting made in France by our craftsmen.

Tribu - Made-to-measure architectural lighting.

Customisable luminaires perfect for your interior design projects.