The Paris-based agency Dragon Rouge challenged us on the basis of a hand sketch: to create a lighting sculpture in the staircase of the ‘Un dimanche a Paris’ restaurant in Dubai. The famous Parisian chocolatier wished to form a strong bond between the concept store dedicated to the art of chocolate, knonw for its dark chocolate ceiling animated by white cacao leaves.

While keeping to the design brief, the cacao leaf and the shiny white, Art et Floritude have imagined this monumental fixture like a maelstrom of leaves falling down from the first floor of the restaurant to the ground floor entrance of the boutique. The bottom leaves are in line of sight when entering the premises and invite customers to look up and to discover the first floor restaurant. This 6 meters tall lighting spirale was designed and manufactured in Art et Floritude’s atelier based in the Loiret Region, and split into several modules to facilitate the travel to Dubai. The installation was completed on site by Art et Floritude’s team.

The 6-metre-high illuminated spiral was designed in the Art et Floritude workshop in the Loiret region of France, in several pieces so that it could be transported by boat to Dubai, where it was installed by the Art et Floritude teams. An added technical challenge, the cocoa leaves hide small LEDs that can sparkle to evoke the Eiffel Tower, and transport Dubai's gourmets a little closer to Paris.

The cocoa leaves escaping from the main chandelier are scattered throughout the space, held in place by invisible cables. It's a poetic achievement, the result of exchanges between people with a passion for craftsmanship.