Our completely bespoke projects exemplify the artisanal work that defines our brand. Each lighting sculpture is meticulously crafted to complement and enhance interior spaces, creating a seamless integration between art and design. Our attention to detail ensures that our creations blend harmoniously with interiors, adding a touch of organic elegance. Our sculptures have the ability to envelop corners or suspend from the wall to the ceiling, adapting effortlessly to any space.

At Art et Floritude, we pride ourselves on offering a vast array of foliage options to compose exquisite vegetal wall and ceiling lights. From the delicate cherry blossoms to the sprawling vines, from the lush fig leaves to the vibrant apple foliage, and from the whimsical ivy to the intricate maple leaves—our collection boasts a wide variety of botanical choices. Furthermore, we are always excited to embark on new creative journeys and explore uncharted territory. If there is a particular type of leaf that has yet to be envisioned, we would be delighted to bring it to life through our artistic expertise.

Château Hôtel Domaine de la Tortinière - For this project, Art et Floritude created wall lights in foliage, with smooth shapes for a contemporary look. Our workshop specialises in the design and production of wall lights evoking the world of plants.

MBDS, Les Jardins du Presbourg, Paris - Art et Floritude took its inspiration from maple leaves for this bespoke ceiling lamp.

MBDS, Les Jardins du Presbourg, Paris - This bespoke light sculpture has been specially designed to perfectly match the atmosphere of this restaurant.

CREA Design, Auberge du Père Bise, Talloires - CREA Design's architects designed a unique plant ceiling lamp for this restaurant's dining room.

Top-of-the-range custom lighting made in France.

Tailor-made architectural lighting inspired by Ginkgo leaves.

Dragon Rouge Creative, restaurant Un Dimanche à Paris, Dubai - Our craftsmen created a bespoke 7-metre chandelier inspired by cocoa leaves.

Exclusive lighting for interior design projects.

Bespoke contemporary lighting inspired by nature and vegetation.

Oscar Lucien Ono, Elysia Hotel, Paris - A bespoke chandelier made from bamboo leaves is the result of a collaboration between Oscar Lucien Ono and Art et Floritude to create warm, plant-based lighting.

Ding Dong Architecture&Design, residential project, Portugal - Bespoke light sculpture with finishes to match the atmosphere of this interior.

Unique artistic lighting.

Metal light sculpture inspired by nature and art.

European Design Office, Hôtel des Champs Elysées, Paris - A bespoke relief ceiling light was created for this project in the heart of Paris. Entirely handmade and inspired by nature, it provides chic, indirect lighting.

Agence Moinard Bétaille, Boutique Cartier, Milan - Luxurious custom-made ceiling light with a hand-patinated finish by our craftsmen.