The Vigne sculpture, a celebrated favorite of Art & Floritude, is a meticulously handcrafted in our French atelier, adaptable wall-to-ceiling light piece that showcases metallic foliage, customized to meet interior architects' requirements. Admired for its seemingly endless finishes and limitless modularity, the Vigne bespoke sculpture exemplifies the Art & Floritude spirit. This distinctive piece effortlessly elevates any interior, making it a must-have for those seeking a touch of enchanting charm and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our bespoke lighting sculptures are not just limited to standalone pieces; they possess the incredible ability to adapt and transform according to the designer's imagination. These captivating creations can gracefully wrap around columns, elegantly ascend onto ceilings, create mesmerizing arches, or be strategically placed on curved walls. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the boundaries of creativity. With their dimmable indirect LED lighting, these sculptures allow for seamless adjustment of ambiance. Whether you desire a soft and tranquil atmosphere or a vibrant and energetic ambiance, our lighting sculptures offer the flexibility to adapt and enhance the desired effect. Each vine leaf, meticulously crafted, undergoes a manual patination process, carefully applied one by one. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the chosen color palette perfectly matches the project at hand, creating a harmonious integration with the surrounding environment. The result is a truly bespoke masterpiece, where every aspect of the lighting sculpture is carefully tailored to meet the unique vision and requirements of the designer interior. The intertwining of hand-patinated vine leaves, custom lighting, and the designer's imagination brings forth an awe-inspiring creation that transcends the boundaries of conventional design.

Laura Hammett, Villa Surrey - It was in the heart of this sumptuous region and with the talented Laura Hammett that we had the opportunity to create a sculpture in vine leaves to adorn the main stairwell of a property.

A unique light sculpture inspired by nature and art.

JHR Interiors, residential project - Inspired by nature and vine leaves, our workshop created a bespoke light fitting with a patina to match the interior.

Hartmann Designs, residential project, London - Inspired by the Sancerre wine region where our workshop was born, the vineyard light sculptures have become iconic at Art et Floritude.

Brady Williams, private apartment London - Artistic bespoke lighting handmade by our craftsmen.

Axel Huynh, Le Dôme Montparnasse, Paris - For this unique project, Axel Huynh called on Art et Floritude to create a bespoke lampshade made from vine leaves.

Anna Crecraft Interiors, House Harrogate - From wall to ceiling, this light sculpture has been tailor-made to fit the shape of this interior perfectly.

Natalie Kraiem Interior, residential project - Lighting inspired by art and nature, hand-patinated by our craftsmen.

Boutique Cartier, Bangkok - Elegant lighting inspired by nature and art.

La Fourmi Architecture, Bakus restaurant, Paris - This light sculpture was custom-designed to twist around the bar's columns and spread across the ceiling. The indirect LED lighting can be dimmed to suit the different moods of the place.

Hill House Interiors, Villa Surrey - Inspired by our workshop's native wine-growing region, vine leaves are a great source of inspiration for our projects.

Brady Williams Residential, private apartment London - Exceptional chandelier made in France from vine leaves with a white finish.

Kris Turnbull Studios, private villa, Portugal - Customisable from shape and size to finish, our designs are entirely bespoke to suit your project.

Joannawooduk - Exclusive lighting for interior design projects, made in our Briare workshop.

Oleg Klodt's Architecture & Design, private flat, Moscow - Quality bespoke lighting handmade in France.

Shh Architects, residential project - A bespoke ceiling light was created for this project, with patinas that perfectly matched the colour palette of the interior.