Art et Floritude’s bespoke light sculptures plays a prominent part in one of London’s most famous fine dining institutions, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester.

Located on the East side of Hyde Park, the hotel and restaurant offer a superb view of its foliage. Because of this proximity, it feels like a dreamlike haven for visiting travelers in search of an escape in nature. Our leafy chandeliers provide a strong connection to the adjacent greenery, through a sense of dining under a tree, with the indirect backlighting that conveys the movement one can observe with leaves being blown by a gentle breeze. The relationship between light and nature and its playful interaction with foliage is largely explored in this design. This is for all to see with the Table Lumiere, the center point in of Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, offering a private dining experience sheltered from views via a curtain of thin fiber-optic lianas reminiscent of the mystical atmosphere of a misty morning walk through the park.

In coordination with renowned French lighting designer Voyons Voir, headed by Stephane Carratero, Art et Floritude created a subtle interplay of directional lights for every table and indirect lighting hidden behind the leaves. The warm and smooth LED strips provide a homogeneous and even distribution of warm lighting complementing the atmospheric experience of the restaurant. To the chandeliers in the private dining room and the dining area immediately overlooking Hyde Park, touches of gold leaf petals were added to create more warmth and to increase the dramatic presence of overarching trees in the background by emulating a canopy of branches.