Wonderful captivating lighting collection inspired by the timeless beauty of cherry tree. The cherry blossom holds great significance in Japanese culture, representing the transient nature of life—a delicate yet breathtaking reminder to cherish each precious moment. Drawing inspiration from this enchanting symbol, we have meticulously crafted bespoke compositions featuring illuminated metal leaves and delicate porcelain flowers.

Our exquisite creations have found their place within the splendid interior of the Cartier boutique in Osaka, Japan, enhancing the ambiance and embracing the essence of this wonderful country. The cherry leaves, meticulously worked by hand and delicately backlit, create an ethereal and mesmerizing display that captures the essence of the natural beauty. Each our unique piece is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The combination of illuminated metal leaves and delicate porcelain flowers creates an exquisite harmony, bringing a touch of enchanting charm to any interior. Whether adorning a private residence, a boutique, or a distinguished space, this distinctive artwork effortlessly elevates its surroundings, becoming an essential addition for those seeking to infuse their environment with timeless elegance.

Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, Private Residence, Dubai - The staircase opening onto the living room was to be enlivened by a monumental wall light made of cherry leaves in white lacquer. These backlit branches run along the wall, which is punctuated by mouldings. A completely bespoke project, representative of the work of the craftsmen at Art and Floritude.

Cartier Osaka, Japan - A bespoke ceiling light made from cherry leaves was handcrafted by our artisans.

Unique, high-end lighting inspired by cherry trees with a mix of porcelain foliage and flowers.

Quality custom lighting inspired by nature and art.