An encounter of passions and the idea of a creative collaboration imposed itself! The Paris-based atelier P&L Studio and Art et Floritude share the same DNA: Fine Artisan work, Creativity and Unique and playful pieces destined to the world of interiors.

Cyrielle Leclere and Natcha Pons from P&L Studio proposed oversized interpretations of Haute-couture embroidery. Art et Floritude chose to insert them into a lit room divider, hence playing with transparency and light and shadows. The artisans shaped metal by hand to create thousands of XXL glitter, folded, bent, chiseled and patinated in a palette of gold and copper.

The metal embroidery was performed with silk thread into metal mesh by artists normally used to manipulating the softest of fabrics. The final touch was the inclusion of invisible LED sources in the heart of the sculpture to highlight its embossing. These unique pieces are reminiscent of the french tradition of Decorative Arts and can be declined into bespoke creations for the most beautiful projects. Inspired by Art et Floritude’s emblematic shapes, the Avira and Elatha wall lights have also been dressed with some of P&L Studio’s sequins!



Double Galet

Lighting sculpture handmade in France.